Friday, November 23, 2012

TTUM Posting ( Salary Credit posting) in finacle

In Finacle when we have large no of transactions (Debit & Credit), we have option to post transaction  through TTUM, provided the list is made in text format or converted to text format in the sequence as follows 

( A text line of 181 character, only for SB and CD accounts)

 1. Account No: 0- 16, 16 digits (Left Justified) 

 2. Currency: 17-19, 3 digits (e.g.,INR Left Justified) 
 3. SOL ID: 20-27, 8 digits(Left Justified) 
 4. Transaction Type: 28-28, 1 digit (D for Debit or C for Credit) 
 5. Amount: 29-45 14,2 digit (14 nos before decimal, Right Justified) 
 6. Particular: 46-75, 30 
 7. Blank space: 76-181 At point 181 put a dot. 

The customer need to give Account no, Amount and Transaction Type in excel, Branch need to convert the excel file in required text format ). Copy this text file in C:\FINACLEUPLOAD, run FILETR and then TTUM

Menu : TTUM 
Transaction Type: BI
Upload file name  : Please enter . prn file
Action : T (Trial Posting) if Trail posting becomes successful  , then go for E/P (Entry/Posting ) 
Transaction Remark : Reference of the Transaction 
Rename input file after upload : if Y it will rename the file after upload , by default N

Sample Excel File is attached click here
You have to save the excel file as type Formatted Text file with extension .prn


  1. Is TTUM creater is available. If yes plz post the same

  2. We are unable to see the sample excel file, since it doesn't open..... plz help.....

  3. PLease upload the excel again Thanks

  4. The link for sample file ask to upload our file first. Can you put direct link to open

  5. please dont uplod//...

  6. Please post downloadable link to prn file

  7. Please Sir, provide us the sample excel sheet
    We would be very grateful, if you could help us with this sample sheet :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. How do we handle value date in TTUM?


    Please download the excel format and prn format as per the link mentioned above

  11. How can we post loan installment using TTUM? Any help?

  12. Simple format
    Column A acc num
    Column B d or c
    Column C remarks
    Column D optional (additional remarks)
    Column E amt
    Save as .csv format and upload in ttum

  13. can u plz mail me one sample excel file .

  14. TTUM menu seen option is invalid or it is not available for user

  15. how do I view the document posted using HTTUM? Kindly help.


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