Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Huge Collection of 900s Finacle Menu

Dear Readers , we present the largest collections ever of Finacle Menu , having more than 900 menu option for your ready reference . This collection is shared by one of our readers from Bank of Baroda ,an International  Bank which has more than 5000 Branches across the globe.Being widely used by different Banks worldwide  the most of the menu option are much similar to other Banks apart from LOCKER , ATMs and few others Module where Banks customizes the Menu as per their requirement.

1 AAAR  Anywhere/ATM  Advice Reconciliation
2 AALI  A/c Abnormal Limits/Details Inquiry
3 AALM  A/c Abnormal Limits/Details Maintenance
5 ABH  Initiate After Business Hours Process
6 ABMR  Report of Accounts Below Min Balance
7 ABSOTS  ABSOT Schedules 
8 ACACCR  Interest Accrual For Accounts
9 ACBOOK  Interest Booking For Accounts
10 ACCBAL  Components of Account Balance Inquiry
11 ACCREV Foreign Currency Account Revaluation
12 ACDET  Account Balance Details
13 ACDMTR  A/Cs Due For Mid Term Review
14 ACFCTM  Account Filtration Criteria Maintenance
15 ACI  Customer Accounts Inquiry
16 ACINT  Interest Run For Accounts
17 ACLCM  Account Label Code Maintenance
18 ACLHM  Account Limit History Maintenance
19 ACLHMAU  Account Limit History Maintenance
20 ACLI  Account Ledger Inquiry
21 ACLPCA  Customer Account Ledger Print
22 ACLPOA  Office Account Ledgers Print
23 ACM  Customer Accounts Maintenance
24 ACMAU  Account Maintenance
25 ACMDB  Office Account Maintenance
26 ACMP  Account Master Print
27 ACPF  Update Account Purge Flag
28 ACS  Account Selection
29 ACSBIO  Account Shadow Balance Inquiry
30 ACSP  Account Selection Print
31 ACTI  Account Turnover Inquiry
32 ACTM  Foreign Agent Code Maintenance
33 ACTODI  Account TOD Inquiry
34 ACTODM  Account TOD Maintenance
35 ACTODMAU  Account TOD Maintenance
36 ACZDB  Close Office Account
37 ADDPST  Maintain PST Table (Add)
38 ADDRM  Name and Address
39 ADMIN  FAB Admin
40 ADVC  Print DR/CR Advice to Customer
41 AFI  Audit File Inquiry
42 AFINQU  Audit File Inquiry
43 AFP  Audit File Print
44 AFPU  Audit File Purge
45 AFSM  Account Freeze Status Maintenance
46 AGCLS  AGCL Schedules Print
47 AGTM  Agent Master Maintenance
48 AHLETGEN  Ad hoc Letter Generator
49 AICR  Advanced Interest Collected Report
50 AINTPRG  Interest Purge ForAccounts
51 AINTRPT  Interest Report For Accounts
52 AITINQ  Account Interest DetailsInquiry
53 ALM  Account Lien Maintenance
54 ALMSP  Agricultural Loans Master Sheet Print
55 AMHOA  Amortization History Of Accts
56 AMHOB  Amortization History Of Bills
57 ANWADM  Anywhere Administration
58 ANWBI  Anywhere Balance Inquiry
59 ANWCT  Anywhere Cash Deposit/Withdrawal
60 ANWPRT  Pending Transaction Report
61 ANWPTH  Anywhere Pending Transaction Handler
62 ANWSIGI  Anywhere Signature Retrieval
63 ANWSTATI  Anywhere Statement Inquiry
64 ANWXFER  Anywhere Funds Transfer
65 APHM  Account Placeholder Maintenance
66 AR  System Reconciliation
67 ASM  Approved Security Master Maintenance
68 ASMCU  Consolidated Updation for Securities
69 ASMUPL Mass Security Upload
70 ASPROV  Parameters For Asset Provisioning
71 ASSCR  Asset Classification Report
72 ASTI  Amount-slab Table Inquiry
73 ASTM  Amount-slab Table Maintenance
74 ATI  Abnormal Transactions Inquiry
75 ATMADM  ATM Administration
76 ATMCM  ATM Controller Table Maintenance
77 ATMDESP  Start ATM Despatcher
78 ATMM  ATM Table Maintenance
79 ATMONL  Start Online ATM Services
80 ATMRECON  Start ATM Reconciliation
82 ATMSTOP  Stop ATM Services
83 ATMTA  ATM Cash Deposit Authorization
84 ATO  Account Turnover
85 ATOR  A/Cs Turnover Report
86 ATR  Acted Transactions List Report
87 AUTOREG  Auto Regularization
87 BARINFO  BAR Information Generation
88 BARIOR  BAR Inward/Outward Register
89 BARPTS  Bank Advances Reports
90 BAYCBMNU  BankAway! Menu ForCorporate Banking
91 BBTD  Batch/Block Tickets Display
92 BCCALC  Batch Charges Calculation
93 BCREPORT  Bankers Cheque Recon Report
94 BCSI  Bills/Chqs Covering Schedule - Inter Br
95 BCSO  Bills/Chqs Covering Schedule - Inter Bk
96 BDISCREP  Bills Discrepancy Report
97 BDR  Review Of Pending And Dishonored Bills
98 BDTR  Bills Due Today But Unpaid
99 BEHI  Bills Events History Inquiry
100 BGCLOSE  Guarantee Close
101 BGLIMIT  Limit/Guarantee wise Utilization Report
102 BGJQM  Background Job Queue Maintenance
103 BGM  Budget Maintenance
104 BGMARGIN  BG Margin Printing
105 BGPRINT  BG Printing
106 BGSTMNT  Statement of Guarantee
107 BGUPL  Guarantees Upload
108 BI  Bills Inquiry
109 BIACCR  Interest Accrual For Bills
110 BIAIL  Acceptance Intimation to Lodging Branch
111 BIBOOK  Interest Booking For Bills
112 BICN  Interest Calculation - Non Bill by Bill
113 BICR  Bills Interest Collected Report
114 BICS  Bills Collection Schedule
115 BIDUMP  Inland Bills Dump
116 BIID  Bill Intimation to Drawee
117 BIIDU  Bill Intimation to Drawee (Usance Bill)
118 BINAL  Non Payment Advice to Lodging Branch
119 BINRD  Non Payment Reminder To Drawee
120 BINTPRG  Interest Purge For Bills
121 BINTRPT  Interest Report For Bills
122 BIPAD  Payment Advice to Drawee
123 BIRAL  Realization Advice to Lodging Branches
124 BIRCL  Bills Return Covering Letter
125 BIRPC  Realization ProceedsCovering Letter
126 BJE  Batch Job Executioner
127 BJSINQ  BJS Inquiry
128 BJSTI  BJS Table Inquiry
129 BJSTM  Table Maintenance
130 BKTI  Bank Table Inquiry
131 BKTM  Bank Table Maintenance
132 BLRTI  Bills Register Type Inquiry
133 BLRTM  Bills Register Type Maintenance
134 BM  Bills Maintenance
135 BMCM  Bills Message Code Maintenance
136 BMUPL  Bills Upload
137 BORPIU  BORPI File Upload
138 BOTC  Back Office Transactions Creation
139 BP  Bills Printing
140 BPMI  Bills Parameter Master Inquiry
141 BPMM  Bills Parameter Master Maintenance
142 BR  Balancing Report
143 BRACS  Account Selection -BancsRemote
144 BRBPR  Balancing Report - Bills Purchased
145 BRCHQUPL  Cheque Book DetailsUpload
146 BRCLUPLD  Clearing Transaction Upload Maintenance
147 BRCR  Balancing Report - Collection
148 BRCUS  Customer Selection - BancsRemote
149 BRDCMAPI  Inquiry On Branch toData Center Mapping
150 BRDDISS  BancsRemote Upload of Issued DDs
151 BRDNLD  BancsRemote Download of Tables
152 BROPEG  Batch Review Of Pegged A/Cs and RPC Disbursements
153 BROWSE  Browsing of IBR file received
154 BRRBPR  Bills Register Report - Bills Purchased
155 BRRCR  Bills Register Report - Collection
156 BRSM  BRS Table Maintenance
157 BRTI  Branch Table Inquiry
158 BRTM  Branch Table Maintenance
159 BRTTUM  Transfer Transaction Upload Maintenance
160 BRTTUMP  Transfer Trans Upload Maint.(Posting)
161 BRUPLOAD  Customer / Account Master Upload
162 BRUPLTAM  Term Deposits Master Upload
163 BRV  Bills Reversal
164 BSR1  BSR1 Basic Statistical Return- PART I/II
165 BSR2B  BSR2 Basic Statistical Return-2 PART B
166 BSR2C  BSR2 Basic Statistical Return-2 PART C
167 BSR3  BSR3 Adv against selected securities
168 BSTM  Branch Sds Maintenance
169 BTM  Back Dated Transaction
170 BTP  Batch Transactions Posting
171 BUIRPT  BORPI Upload Inquiry Report
172 CAAC  Close an Account
173 CAACAU  Close an Account
174 CABR  Co-accepted Bills
175 CACC  Closure of Account Charge Collection
176 CAMC  Change Account Manager of Customer
177 CANSM  Finacle Security Mgmt
178 CARM  Cards Account Relation Maintenance
179 CASHDEP  Cash Deposit
180 CASHWD  Cash Withdrawal
181 CB  Cancel BAR
182 CBM  Customer Becoming Major
183 CBOD  Initiate BOD Central Process
184 CBP  Cheque Book Printing (Range of Accounts)
185 CBR  Cash Balance Report
186 CCA  Change Customer ID of the Account
187 CCM  Carrier Code Maintenance
188 CCMUPLD  Central Customer Master Upload
189 CCO  Centralized Clearing Operations
190 CCS  Changing Context Service Outlet
191 CCST  Close Cash Transactions
192 CCUPW  Change Customer Password
193 CDCIADM  CDCI Administration
194 CDPBFEXT  CDCI PBF Extraction
195 CDRTLD  CDCI Rate Details Download
196 CDSTUPD  Send CDCI Control Message
197 CEOD  Initiate EOD Central
198 CFLM  Carry-Forward List Maintenance
199 CFLSIBR  Creation of Files for Sending to IBR
200 CFTM  Customer Facility Maintenance
201 CHBIR  Cheque Book Issued Register
202 CHBM  Cheque Book Maintenance
203 CHBMAU  Authorizing cheque book Maintenance
204 CHCS  Cheques Collection Schedule
205 CHGIR  Charges Income Report
206 CHQISS  Cheque Book Issue
207 CHQUPLD  Cheque Book Details Upload
208 CIPPRPT  Customer Interest Pref and Peg Report
209 CLBAP  Clearing BAR/Advice Printing
210 CLCM  Charge Level Code Maintenance
211 CLSEXP  Batch Closure of Export Orders
212 CLSLAA  Batch Closure of Loan Accounts
213 CLSPCA  Batch Closure of Packing Credit Accounts
214 CLUPLD  Clearing Transaction Upload Maintenance
215 CLZCM  Clearing Zone Template Maintenance
216 CMMI  Common Message Modification Interface
217 CMTI  Common Message Translation Interface
218 CNCLFWC  Cancellation of Forward Contracts
219 CNCM  Country Currency Maintenance
220 COLA  Charge Off / Reversal of Loan Account
221 COMR  Commission Report
222 CONBAP  Consolidated BAR/Advice Printing
223 CONSCHK  Consistency Check
224 COUNTRYM  Country Code Maintenance
225 CRNPOS  Position of Currency
226 CRT  Create and Update Reversal Transaction
227 CSE  Changing Service Outlet For An Employee
228 CSFB  Creation of Sequential File for a Branch
229 CSOLOP  Close SOL Operations
230 CSPW  Change System Password
231 CTCM  Clearing Transaction Code Maintenance
232 CTI  Calendar Table Inquiry
233 CTM  Calendar Table Maintenance
234 CTRA  Credit Transaction Report For An Account
235 CTTM  CTT Table Maintenance
236 CUACLI  Inquire on Your Account Ledger Entries
237 CUBI  Bills Inquiry
238 CUIR  Customer Interest Report
239 CULAC  Customer Accounts List
240 CULI  Customer Unutilized Limit Inquiry
241 CUMAILL  List for Mail
242 CUMAILM  Mail Maintenance
243 CUMI  Customer Master Inquiry
244 CUMM  Customer Master Maintenance
245 CUMP  Customer Master Print
246 CUPW  Change Your Password
247 CUS  Customer Selection
248 CUSTBALP  Customer Balance Printing
249 CUTXTMNT  Text Maintenance
250 CVDOR  Changing Value date or Reject Instrument
251 CXFT  Close Transfer Transactions
252 CYCM  CYC Table Maintenance
253 DAM  Deposit Accounts Maintenance
254 DCEXPLST  Report on Expiring Documentary Credits
255 DCGPR  DC General Purpose Report Printing
256 DCLIABRG  Documentary Credits Liability Register
257 DCPRINT  DC Printing
258 DCQRY  Query on Documentary Credits
259 DCQRYM  Query and Modify  Documentary Credits
260 DCREG  Documentary Credits Register Printing
261 DCRM  Documentary Credits Register Maintenance
262 DCRPTS  DC Reports and Advices
263 DCSTMT  Statement of Documentary Credits
264 DCTM  Data Center Calendar Table Maintenance
265 DDADV  Entry Advice Date for Ex- Adv Payment
266 DDBP  Demand Drafts Batch Printing
267 DDC  Cancellation of a DD
268 DDD  Issue of duplicate DD
269 DDIC  DD Credits Inquiry
270 DDID  DD Debits Inquiry
271 DDII  Specific DD Issued Inquiry
272 DDIP  Specific DD Paid Inquiry
273 DDIR  DD Issue Reports
274 DDISSUE  DD Issue
275 DDLOST  Entry of Reported Lost DDs
276 DDMI  Mass Issue Entry
277 DDMOD  Modification of Issue/Payment Details
278 DDMP  Mass Payment Entry
279 DDNPADV  Entry of Receipt of NPA
280 DDP  Reports Parameters
281 DDP2  Reports Parameters
282 DDPADV  Entry of Payment Advice
283 DDPALL  Print all Unprinted DDs
284 DDPAY  DD Payment
285 DDPRNT  Print a DD
286 DDPUPL  DD Payments Upload
287 DDR  Rectification / Reversal of DD Transaction
288 DDR2  Rectification / Reversal of DD Transactions
289 DDREPRNT  Reprint a DD/ Print advice
290 DDREVERT  Revert Stat from RepLost/ NPA Recd
291 DDSM  DD Status Maintenance
292 DDSUMF  DD Summary in File
293 DDT  Transfers from DD Accounts
294 DDUPLOAD  DD Upload
295 DECUP  Delinquency Cycle Updation Process
296 DEFCALC  Deferred Charges Calculation
297 DEFPC  Default Packing Credits under WTPCG/PCG
298 DENOMMGT  Denomination Management
299 DEPMOD  Deposit Modeling
300 DLYPCFC  Daily PCFC Report
301 DN  Due Notice
302 DOCTR  Document Tracking Report
303 DOCUPL  Loan Document Detail Upload
304 DPDRPT  Delinquency Report Generation
305 DPGR  Deferred Payment Guarantee register
306 DRP  Deposit Receipts Print
307 DSACOMM  DSA Commission Processing and Payment
308 DSADOC  DSA Document Link Maintenance
309 DSAIP  DSA Inquiry and Printing
310 DSAMM  DSA Master Maintenance
311 DSAPM  DSA Parameter Maintenance
312 DSASUB  DSA Subvention Payment
313 DSATO  DSA Turnover Processing
314 DSFTT  Download Sequential File to Tables
315 DSPADM  Despatcher Administration
316 DSPLIC  Modules License Information Form
317 DSPWFI  Workflow Items Inquiry
318 DSPWFQ  Display Pending Workflow Items
319 DTCS  Display Tran Code Summary
320 DTE  Delete Transactions in Entered Status
321 DTM  Deposits Transactions Maintenance
322 DTMR  Foreign DD/TT/MT Issued Register
323 DTR  Deposit Transactions Report
324 DUDEL  Deletion of User Defined Expired Liens
325 DUDRP  Deposits Receipt Print [Duplicate]
326 EABR  Re-Build End of Day Account Balances
327 ECGCPC  ECGC Premium Calculation
328 ECGCRPC  ECGC Premium Calculation for RPC Disbursements
329 ECHRAC  Enter Cheques Rejected at Counter
330 EFI  Employee File Inquiry  
331 EFM  Employee File Maintenance
332 EIO  Encode Instruments
333 EIRPTS  EI Reports
334 EMAILL  List for E-Mail
335 EMAILM  E-Mail Maintenance
336 EMIINTR  EMI Loans Interest Details Report
337 ERTI  Error Table Inquiry
338 ETM  Error Table Maintenance
339 ETOSDB  Escape to OS
340 EXCDM  Exception Code Maintenance
341 EXCHPL  Exchange Profit & Loss
342 EXCPRPT  Exceptions Report
343 EXECOM  Execute Custom COM Script
344 EXPODM  Export Order Details Maintenance
345 EXPRPT  Reports of Export Orders 
346 EXTFWC  Change validity of Forward Contracts
347 FABREP  FAB Reports
348 FATM  Account Facility Maintenance
349 FBACS  Remittances for Agency Commission
350 FBADVP  Transaction Advice Printing (Foreign Exchange Bill)
351 FBAIC  Advance Interest Calculated
352 FBBR  Foreign Bills Balancing Register
353 FBCCS  Foreign Cheques Covering Schedule
354 FBCS  Foreign Bills Covering  Schedule
355 FBDISCR  Foreign Bill Discrepancy Report
356 FBDLNK  Foreign Bills to be Delinked Statement
357 FBECGC  ECGC Charge Details 
358 FBEF  Bills of Entry Statement
359 FBENC  Foreign Bills ENC Statement
360 FBER  Export Register Report
361 FBERC  Foreign Bills Export Claim Report
362 FBFCS  Format C Statement
363 FBHI  Foreign Bills History Inquiry
364 FBI  Foreign Bills Inquiry
365 FBICS  Interest Collected on Foreign Bills
366 FBIEC  Issue of Encashment Certificate
367 FBIR  Import Register Report
368 FBM  Foreign Bills Maintenance
369 FBMCM  FEX Bills Message Code Maintenance
370 FBMUPL  Foreign Bills Upload
371 FBOIB  Statement of Overdue Import Bills
372 FBP  Foreign Bills Printing
373 FBPADB  List of Pending and Dishonored Bills
374 FBPM  Foreign Bill Parameter Maintenance
375 FBPMI  FEX Bills Parameter Master Inquiry
376 FBPS  Foreign Bills Purchased Subsidiary
377 FBRI  FEX Bills Register Inquiry 
378 FBRM  Foreign Bill Register  Maintenance
379 FBRPR  Reserve Payment Register
380 FBSNC  Foreign Bills SNC Statement
381 FBSTAT6  STAT 6 Report
382 FBUBR  Undrawn Balance Register
383 FCNPS  Foreign Currency Purchase Sale Report
384 FCNR  Foreign Currency Note Issued Report
385 FCNRSUB  FCNR Subsidiary Report
386 FCTCMR  FCTC Purchase and Sale Monthly Report
387 FCTCR  Foreign Currency TC Issued Report
388 FCTCSCMR  FCTC Stock-Cum- Movement Register Report
389 FCTCSR  Foreign Currency TC Sale Report
390 FDD  Flow Amt-wise Distribution of Deposits
391 FDLD  Fixed Deposits Linked Details
392 FDOCD  Fixed Deposits Opening Closure Details
393 FFDBATCH  FFD Batch jobs
394 FFDPSP  FFD - Pass Sheet Print
395 FI  Fate Inquiry
396 FIRCR  Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate
397 FLTI  Form Literals Translation Interface
398 FORCMTC  IBR Forced Matched Entries Reports
399 FPCM  Party Code Maintenance
400 FPTI  FEX Period Table Code Inquiry
401 FPTM  Fx Period Table Code Maintenance
402 FR  Forced Reconciliation
403 FSQIRPT  Missing File Sequence Inquiry Report
404 FTI  financial Transactions Inquiry
405 FTR  financial Transactions Inquiry & Report
406 FVTM  Facility Version Maintenance
407 FWCCM  Forward Cntrct Message Code Maintenance
408 FWCHI  Forward Contract History Inquiry
409 FWCLIAB  F/C Liability Register
410 FWCNOTE  Forward contract note printing
411 FWCODLST  List of overdue  and matured F/Cs
412 FWCQRY  Query on forward contracts
413 FWCREVAL  Forward Contract Revaluation
414 FWCRG  Forward booking register printing
415 FWCRMND  Reminder to partys about F/C maturity
416 FWRM  Forward Contract Register Maintenance
417 FXACSTMT  Statement of FX Accounts
418 FXIPSTMT  Statement of Interest Paid
419 FXPSRG  Purchase / Sale register printing
420 FXTR  FOREX Turnover Report
421 GCHRG  General Charges
422 GDET  General Deposits Details
423 GECM  Teller Cash Account Maintenance
424 GENADV  Generate Advices Report
425 GFTM  General Facility Maintenance
426 GI  Guarantee Inquiry
427 GILR  Guarantees Issued cum Liabilty Register
428 GLSHM  GL Subhead Maintenance
429 GLSHR  GL Sub Head Code Replication
430 GMLE  Executables Generation Criteria Screen
431 GMLF  Forms Generation Criteria Screen
432 GMLWF  Web Forms Generation Criteria Screen
433 GMM  Guarantee Master Maintenance
434 GODCH  Guarantee Overdue Charges
435 GOPSD  Generate Outward Payment System Dump
436 GP  Guarantee Printing
437 GPI  Guarantee Parameters Inquiry
438 GPLG  General Purpose Letter Generator
439 GPLM  General Purpose Letter Maintenance
440 GPM  Guarantee Parameters Maintenance
441 GR  Generate Report
442 GSPI  General Scheme Parameters Inquiry
443 GSPM  General Scheme Parameters Maintenance
444 HACCBAL  Balance details of an Account
445 HACCDET  General Details
446 HACLHI  Limit Details
447 HACLI  Transactions Inquiry
448 HACTI  Account turnover details
449 HASSET  Asset classification
450 HCUACC  Accounts of Customer
451 HCUCA  Current Account of Customer
452 HCUCC  Cash Credit of Customer
453 HCUDET  General details of Customer
454 HCULA  Loan Accounts of Customer
455 HCUMAT  Forthcoming Maturities of Customer
456 HCUOD  Overdraft Accounts of Customer
457 HCUPSD  Portfolio details of Customer
458 HCUSB  Savings Account of Customer
459 HCUSBCA Savings/Current Account of Customer
460 HCUSEL  Customer Selection
461 HCUSUM  Summary details of Customer
462 HCUSWP  Sweep details of Customer
463 HCUTD  Term Deposits of Customer
464 HCUTI  Turnover Summary of Customer
465 HDCDET  Delivery Channel transaction details
466 HICI  Inward Cheques Inquiry
467 HIGHTRAN  DSA Report on High value Transaction
468 HII  Hot Items Inquiry
469 HIM  Hot Items Maintenance
470 HLAI  Loan Inquiry
471 HM  Help Maintenance
472 HOCI  Outward Cheques Inquiry
473 HOCIP  HOC Inquiry cum BA(R) Print
474 HOS  HO Schedules Print
475 HOSUMF  HO Summary in File
476 HOSUMP  HOC Summary Print
477 HTD  Term deposit transaction details
478 HTDINT  Term deposit interest details
479 HTDTAX  Term deposit tax deduction details
480 HTINQ  Hot Items Lookup
481 IARM  Interest Adjustment Register Maintenance
482 IBADVP  Transaction Advice Printing (IBILL)
483 IBCTM  IBR Control Table Maintenance
484 IBM  Inward BAR Register Maintenance
485 IBRBRADM  IBR Branch Administration
486 IBRCNADM  IBR Central Administration
487 IBRCR  IBR Control Report
488 IBREOD  EOD For IBR Center
489 IBRFLCHK  Decrypt received IBR files
490 IBRGEN  Create IBR files for branch
491 IBRPOST  Automatic posting of selected IBR trans
492 IBRPRO  IBR Processing
493 IBRPURGE  Purge of tables
494 IBRRECON  IBR Reconciled Entries Reports
495 IBRREPTS  IBR Reports for Orig/Resp Trans
496 IBSTM  Inter Branch Seed Table Maintenance
497 ICGR  Insurance Cover Guarantee Report
498 ICHB  Issue Chequebooks
499 ICHBAU  Issue Chequebooks
500 ICRCM  Inward Clearing Rej Code Maintenance
501 ICTM  Inward Clearing Transaction Maintenance
502 ICZCM  Inward Clearing Zone Template Maint
503 IDBARR  ID BAR Report
504 IDCM  Inward Documentary Credits Maintenance
505 IEARP  Income/Expenditure Analysis Register
506 IEMRP  Income/Expenditure Monitoring Report
507 IIBRADM Instant IBR Administration
508 IIM  Inventory Item Maintenance
509 ILCM  Inventory Location Code Maintenance
510 IMAUM  Inventory Movement Auth Maintenance
511 IMC  Inventory Movement between Locations 
512 IMGMNT  Image Maintenance
513 IMGVIEW  Image view in FAB
514 IMI  Inventory Movement Inquiry
515 IMR  Inventory Movement Report
516 INI  Identification Number Inquiry
517 INQACHQ  Inquire Account Number for a Cheque
518 INSTM  Instruments Table Maintenance
519 INTSI  Interest Slab Inquiry
520 INTTI  Interest Table Inquiry
521 INTTM  Interest Table Maintenance
522 INWBI  Inward Bill Intimation
523 IOCLS  Inquire On Clearing Transaction Sets
524 IOGLT  Inquire on GL Transactions
525 IOT  Inquire on Transactions
526 IPDCR  Interest Paid on Delayed Collection
527 IRM  Inward Remittances Maintenance
528 IRMUPL  Inward Remittance Upload
529 IRRDEP  Irregular Recurring Deposits Report
530 ISAR  Inter Sol Audit Report
531 ISI  Inventory Inquiry, Split and Merge-EM
532 ISIA Inventory  Inquiry, Split and Merge
533 ISOLOP  Initiate Service Outlet Operations
534 ISOTRF  ISO account balance transfer to HO
535 ISR  ISR Inventory Status Report-EM
536 ISRA  ISRA Inventory Status Report
537 ISTR  ISTR Inter SolTransaction Report
538 ITCI  ITCI Interest Table Code Inquiry
539 ITI  Instruments Table Inquiry
540 ITR  Report for Income Tax 
541 IVSM  Interest Slab Maintenance
542 JTHOLDER  List Joint Holders of an Account
543 KILLSRVR  Kill ATM Server Process
544 LACAM  Charges Amortization Process
545 LADICFEE  Loans DICGC Fee Calculation
546 LADISB  Loans Disbursement
547 LADML  Loan Disbursement Letter
548 LADSP  Loans Demand Satisfaction Process
549 LAFACR  Loans Fee Assess, Collect and Refund
550 LAFHM  Loans Follow-up History Maintenance
551 LAFIRPT  Loan Future Installment/PDC Report
552 LAFM  Loans Flow Maintenance
553 LAGI  Loans General Enquiry
554 LALFAR  Loan Late Fee Assessment and Reversal
555 LALIEN  Loans Lien Process
556 LAMCM  LA Message Code Maintenance
557 LAMP  Loan Account Master Print
558 LAODR  Loan Demands Overdue Reminder
559 LAOPI  Loans Overdue Position 
560 LAPAY  Loan Payment Menu
561 LAPOSR  Loans Collection and Position Report
562 LAPRR1A  Loans Periodical Review Returns
563 LAPRR4A  Loans Periodical Review Returns
564 LAPRR4B  Loans Periodical Review Returns
565 LAPRR4C  Loans Periodical Review Returns
566 LAPSP  Loan Account Pass Sheet Print
567 LARSH  Loans Repayment Schedule Report
568 LAUPLDMD  Loans Upload Demands
569 LAUPLOAD  Loan Other Details Upload
570 LAWFAI  Loans Waiver of Fee and Interest
571 LAXFRINT  Loans Transfer Interest Liability
572 LBDR  Local Bill Discounting
573 LCCSR  Local Clearing & Cash Remittance Subsidiary Register
574 LCDDR  Large Amount Cheques Discounted - Daily Reporting
575 LCDMR  Large Amt Chqs Dis - Monthly Reporting
576 LDIMG  Image Upload Utility
577 LLIR  Limit Liability Inquiry & Report
578 LNDI  Limit Node Details Inquiry
579 LNHTIR  Limit Node History/Tran Inquiry/Report
580 LNI  Limit Node Enquiry
581 LNM Limit Node Maintenance
582 LNREV  Limit Node Revaluation
583 LSD  List for Signature Display
584 LTL  Limit Tree Lookup
585 MANRECON  Manual Reconciliation
586 MANSAF  Manual SAF Processing
587 MAPD  Marking Accounts as PastDue
588 MAR  Maturity Analysis Report
589 MARKPEND  Mark Pending
590 MAT  Midday Archive To Tape
591 MATB Manual  ATM/Anywhere Transaction Balancing
592 MCLZOH  Maintaining Clearing Zones
593 MDD  Maturity Period wise Dist of Deposits
594 MEAC  Modify Effective Asset Classification
595 MICZ  Maintain Inward Clearing Zone
596 MNTFCT  Maintain FOREX Control Table
597 MNTFWC  Maintain Forward Contracts
598 MNTNTP  Maintain Normal Transit Period
599 MNTPST  Maintain PST Table (Modify & Inquiry)
600 MNTRTL  Maintain Rate list
601 MNTRTLH  Maintain Home Crncy Rate list
602 MNTRTM  Maintain Rate Master
603 MNTRTSQ  Maintain Rate code Sequence 
604 MNTWF  Workflow Items Maintenance
605 MODSETUP  Module File Maintenance
606 MODUSERS Module Users Maintenance
607 MOPTI  Menu Option Translation Interface
608 MOR  Message Offset Reconciliation
609 MQTDESRP  MQT Despatched Transactions Report
610 MQTI  Anywhere / ATM transaction Inquiry
611 MQTRPT  MQT Undespatched Transactions Report
612 MSGOIRP  Outstanding Items Report
613 MSOIRP  Minor Subsidiaries Outstanding Items Rep
614 MSTRP  Minor Subsidiaries Transaction Report
615 NAMM  Nostro Account Maintenance
616 NFTRPT  MQT Non financial Transactions Report
617 NNTM  Next Number Table Maintenance
618 NOBL  No Objection Letter
619 NPA  Non-payment Advice
620 NUM  Number Table Upload
621 OAAC  Open an Account
622 OAACAU  Authorizing an account
623 OACR  Office Account Replication
624 OCINST  Outward Clearing Instrument Maintenance
625 OCM  Offline Charges Maintenance
626 OCPTRN  Outward Clearing Part Tran Maintenance
627 OCST  Open Cash Transactions
628 OCTG  Regularize Outward Clearing Set
629 OCTM  Outward Clearing Transaction Maintenance
630 OCTR  Release Outward Clearing Set
631 OCTV  Clearing Transaction Verification
632 ODCM  Outward Documentary Credits Maintenance
633 ODCMUPL  Outward Documentary Credits Upload
634 OICZ  Open Inward Clearing Zone
635 OICZSET  Open Inward Clearing Zone For Set
636 OIQ  Outward Clearing Instruments Inquiry
637 OPQ  Outward Clg Part Tran Inquiry
638 ORM  Outward Remittances Maintenance
639 ORMUPL  Outward Remittance Upload
640 OXFT  Open Transfer Transactions
641 OZO  Open Zone
642 PAPW  Protect User Password
643 PARTINQ  Inquiry on Partitioned Account
644 PAYOFF  Loan Pay Off Process
645 PBBANK  Print Profitability/Budget Rpt for Bank
646 PBBRAN  Print Profitability/Budget Rpt in Branch
647 PBDUMP  Dump Profitability/Budget Rpt for HO
648 PBFEXT  PBF Extraction
649 PBP  Pass Book Print
650 PCARPT  Reports of PCA Accounts
651 PCFCBAL  PCFC Balancing Report
652 PCINT  Packing Credit Interest Calculation
653 PCLIALST  Packing Credit Liability List
654 PCLSO  Print Clearing Schedule
655 PCYCS  Statement on PCs in Default/Limits
656 PDADI  Past Due A/c Details Inquiry And Report
657 PDADM  Past Due Accounts Details Maintenance
658 PDB  Print Day book
659 PDML  Print /Display Media List
660 PENDDRP  Pending Deposits Receipt Print
661 PHINQ  Inquiry on History of Partition A/c
662 PICS  Print Inward Clearing Schedule
663 PICW  Print Inward Clearing Waste
664 PITM  Public Issue Maintenance
665 PLBANK  Print P & L for Entire Bank
666 PLBRAN  Print P & L Report for Branch
667 PLDUMP  Dump P & L Report Data for HO
668 PLIST  Pending Installments List
669 PLR  Partywise Liability Register
670 PMEMO  Foreign Bills Presentation Memo
671 POVDPC  Partywise Overdue Packing Credits
672 PPT  Proxy Post Transaction In Entered Status
673 PR  Print Reports
674 PRGI  Purge Table Inquiry
675 PRGMT  Purge Table Maintenance
676 PRIBRGEN  Gen. Intermediate IBR files for Branch
677 PRR11A  PRR-11A Quarterly Statement of Guarantee
678 PRR11B  PRR-11B Monitoring of Guarantees
679 PRR11C  Report of guarantees / DPG
680 PRR12  PRR12 (Old PR-12) Certificate
681 PRR15  PRR15 Advances to Sectors
682 PRR15B  Sectorwise Overdue PCs Statement - PRR15B
683 PRR2  PRR2 Monthly review of irregular A/c
684 PRR25  PRR25 Report of rejected cheques
685 PRR2B  Report on Irregular Packing Credits
686 PRR38  PRR38 Statement of Daily Cash Position
687 PRR4B  PRR4B Review of DPG's
688 PRR8  PRR8 Credit and review program
689 PRRTL  Ratelist Printing
690 PRT  Printer Table Maintenance
691 PRTCON  Print Consolidated Report
692 PRTINQ  Printer Queue Inquiry & Updation
693 PRTMR  Printing Maha Reports
694 PSD  Print Subsidiaries
695 PSE  Purchase Sale Entry
696 PSGL  Print Subsidiaries
697 PSP  Pass Sheet Print
698 PSR1  PSR 1: FLASH Report
700 PSR14  Statement on Exporters Assisted
701 PSR16  PSR16 Breakup of Dep & Adv-Int Ratewise
702 PSR2  PSR2 Statement of deployment of funds
703 PSR29  PSR29 - Agricultural Loans Return
704 PSR32  PSR32 Sanction Limits For Accounts
705 PSR49  PSR49 Quarterly Statement on Int. A/c
706 PSR7  PSR7 Advances to Specified Communities
707 PSTTUM  Pay Sys Transfer Tran Upload Maintenance
708 PTM  Post Dated Transactions Maintenance
709 PTTM  Part Tran Template Maintenance
710 PTW  Print Transfer Waste
711 PUACC  Account Purge
712 PUCMG  Purge Customer Master table
713 PUCXL  Charges Transaction Log Purge
714 PUDISB  Batch Purging Of Disbursements
715 PUEXP  Batch Purging of Export Orders
716 PUGCH  General Charges Purge
717 PUIZC  Purge Inward Clearing Zone code table
718 PUIZH  Inward Clearing Zone code table
719 PULGT  Purge Login log table
720 PULN  Limit Node Purge
721 PULNTH  Limit Node Transaction / History Purge
722 PUOZC  Purge Outward clearing zone code
723 PURZO  Purge Outward Zone
724 PUSIH  Standing Instructions Purge
725 PUSWIFT  Purge Swift Msg History table
726 PUTRAN  Transaction Purge
727 PUWF  Workflow Audit Purge
728 PWMNT  Password Maintenance
729 PWO  Print Waste
730 QBR  Quick Balancing Report
731 RACO  Recovery After Charge Off
732 RBSN  Reset Bill Sequence Numbers
733 RBTI  Register Table Balance Inquiry
734 RDD  Ratewise Distribution of Deposits
735 RDM  Report Definition Maintenance
736 RECSHF  Shortfall Recovery Process
737 REDRP  Reprint Deposits Receipt
738 REGFLOW  Deposit Flow Regeneration
739 REJREP  Rejected Instruments Report/Advice
740 RELACI  Related Accounts Lookup For Deposits
741 REMPRINT  Print a Foreign Outward DD
742 REPHASEI  Batch Rephasement of EI Loans
743 REVAL  Revaluation
744 REVPEND  Revoke Pending
745 REVSTOP  Revoke stop payment
746 RFTDS  Refund TDS
747 RINTINQ  Interest Inquiry For RPC Accounts
748 RINTRPT  Interest Report For RPC Disbursements
749 RISAT  Reconcile Inter SOL ATM Transactions
750 RIST  ISO Reconciliation
751 RLH  Rebuild Limit History
752 RMI  Read Media Input
753 RMIM  Restrict Modify Indicator Maintenance
754 RMTDS  Remit TDS
755 ROTM  Report Option Table Maintenance
756 RPCINT  Interest For RPC Disbursements
757 RPCRPT  Reports Of RPC Accounts
758 RPCTM  RPC Transactions Maintenance
759 RPDA  Retransfer Past Due Accounts
760 RRCDI  Reference Code Inquiry
761 RRCDM  Reference Code Maintenance
762 RRCTM  Reporting Range Criteria Maintenance
763 RRETURN  R-Return and Schedules Statements
764 RRETURN5  R Return5 Report
765 RRTM  Resp Tran Ref Table Maintenance
766 RTDSIS  Refresh Table Data to Standin Server
767 RTHQRY  Ratelist History Query
768 RUM  Report Of Untranslated Messages
769 RZFSBO  Regularize Shadow Balance
770 RZISBO  Release Zone Into Shadow Balance
771 SAC  User Login Maintenance
772 SASCL  System Asset Classification
773 SBKP  Start Backup of TBABKP tables
774 SCFM  System Control File Maintenance
775 SCPM  SCP Table Maintenance
776 SCRIPT  Execute Script
777 SCST  Stop Cash Transactions
778 SCWRPT  Shroff Cash Report
779 SCWRPTA  Shrof Cash Rpt-All
780 SDAI  SQL*DBA Audit Table Inquiry
781 SDD  Schemewise Distribution of Deposits
782 SDLM  Sol Distribution List Table Maintenance
783 SEL  Superceding Expired Limits
784 SETM  Set Id Table Maintenance
785 SHOWSUMM  Decrypt received IBR files 
786 SIADVC  Print SI Advice to Customer
787 SICL  Print SI Covering Letter to Customer
788 SIE  Standing Instructions Execution
789 SIETR  SIs Executed Today Report
790 SII  Standing Instructions Inquiry
791 SIM  Standing Instruction Maintenance
792 SIMM  StockInvest Maintenance
793 SIR  StockInvest Reports
794 SIREGM  StockInvest Register Maintenance
795 SIRP  Standing Instructions Register Printing 
796 SITM  SIT Table Maintenance
797 SMI  Swift Messages Inquiry
798 SMM  Swift Messages Maintenance
799 SOLBOD  Initiate Service Outlet BOD Process
800 SOLEOD  Initiate SOL EOD Process
801 SOLOFF  Start Sol's Services Offline
802 SOLONL  Start Sol's Services Online
803 SOLSTAT  Service Outlets Status Inquiry
804 SOLVAL  Run Service Outlets Validation Process
805 SPMM  SPM Table Maintenance
806 SPP  Stop Payment Processing
807 SPPAU  Stop Payment Processing
808 SPRG  Stop Payment Register
809 SPTM  System Pointing Transactions Maintenance
810 SPTR  System Pointing Transaction Reversal
811 SPWADM  Sparrow Administration
813 SRBBR  Statistical Report on Bills
814 SRGPM  Schm/Reg General Parameter Maintenance
815 SRL  Security Register Lookup
816 SRM  Security Register Maintenance
817 SRMRPTS  Security Register Module Reports
818 SSRM  Maintenance of SOL SDS Relationship
819 SSS  System Substitution of Securities
820 SSTM  Set Sol Id Table Maintenance
821 STAT10  Stat 10 Report
822 STAT5  Stat 5 Report
823 STAT8  Stat 8 Report
824 STAT9  Stat 9 Report
825 STOPPAY  Stop Payment
826 STR11  STR 11 : RBI Statement
827 STR11A  STR 11A : RBI Statement
828 STR14  STR14: Adv to Undertakings under MRTP
829 STR19  STR19 Insurance covered guarantee report
830 STR8  STR8 List of Secured & Unsecured Advance
831 SUSPTRAN  Suspect Transactions Report
832 SWAB  Start Warm Backup
833 SWBALDL  Sparrow Balance Downloading
834 SWCARDDL  Sparrow Card Downloading
835 SWCM  Card Account Info Maintenance
836 SWDESP  Switch transaction despatcher
837 SWEEPS  Pool of Funds Maintenance
838 SWHOTDL  Sparrow Card Status Downloading
839 SWMINDL  Sparrow Mini Statement Downloading
840 SWOTU  Switch Offline Transaction Upload
841 SWSTATM  Switch Parameter Maintenance
842 SWTI  Switch Transaction Inquiry
843 SXFT  Stop Transfer Transactions
844 SYSADM  System Administration
845 TACBSH  Transfer Accounts between Sub-heads
846 TCCM  Trans Category Code Maint
847 TCPI  Teller Wise Cash Position Inquiry
848 TCPIA  Teller Wise Cash Position Inquiry / All
849 TD  Delete Posted Part Transactions
850 TDL  Transaction Download
851 TDLU  Transaction Download Utilities
852 TDSCALC  TDS Calculation
853 TDSIP  TDS Inquiry & Printing
854 TDSM  TDS Table Maintenance
855 TDSREP  Customer Wise TDS Report(A/c Level Tax)
856 TEA  Transactions Exceptions Approval
857 TEDCS  Terminal Enable/Disable
858 TEDDB  Terminal Enable/Disable
859 TEI  Transactions Exceptions Inquiry
860 TEPM  Transaction Event Parameter Maintenance
861 TFCTM  Transaction Filtration Criteria Maint
862 TI  Transactions Inquiry
863 TIDT  Treasury Interface Data Transfer
864 TLR  Transactions List Report
865 TM  Transactions Maintenance
866 TODCS  TOD Criteria and Selection
867 TODM  Account TOD Maintenance
868 TODRP  TOD Register Printing
869 TPM Terminal Profile Maintenance
870 TRANINQ  Tran Inquiry
871 TRANLIST  Tran list display
872 TROFSETS  Transfer Of Sets
873 TRSTDUSR Trusted Users Maintenance
874 TRSWIFT  Transfer Swift Messages
875 TRTRAN  Transfer Transaction
876 TRTRI  Treasury Transaction Report and Inquiry
877 TRUNHIST  Purge of tables
878 TSTC  Treasury Sol Transaction Creation
879 TSTM  Treasury Sol Transaction Maintenance
880 TTM  Transaction Template Maintenance
881 TTUM  Transfer Transaction Upload Maintenance
882 TTUMP  Transfer Trans Upload Maint.(Posting)
883 TV  Transaction Posting/Verification
884 TVSI  Term Deposits Interest Slabs Inquiry
885 TVSM  Term Deposit Interest Version Slab Maint
886 TXOD  Transfer to Overdue GL Sub-head
887 TXTMNT  Text Maintenance
888 UBDTR  Usance Bills Discounted - POR7
889 UCS  Update Cheque Status
890 UNIVIEW  Unified View Of Accounts
891 UNIZ  Unlock Inward Zone
892 UNLKZ  Unlock Zone
893 UNREC  IBR Open Orig/Resp Entries Reports
894 UNRESP  Unresponded Transactions Report(Br)
895 UPLATO  Account Turn Over Upload
896 UPLCI  Customer Instructions Upload 
897 UPLDHT  Drawing Power History Upload
898 UPLDLH  DSA Document Limit History Upload
899 UPLDSA  Upload for DSA Module
900 UPLDST  Demand Draft Status Upload
901 UPLEAB  EOD Account Balance Upload
902 UPLGST  GL Subhead Transaction Upload
903 UPLIAR  IAR Upload
904 UPLINTVS  Interest Slab Version Upload
905 UPLLAM  Loan Master Upload
906 UPLLAT  Loan Transaction Upload
907 UPLLHT Limit History Upload
908 UPLLIEN  LIEN Upload
909 UPLMPT Memo Pad Upload
910 UPLOAD  Customer / Account Master Upload
911 UPLOADB  Account Master Balance Upload
912 UPLPFT  Pool of Funds Upload
913 UPLSI  Standing Instructions Upload
914 UPLSPT  Stop Payment Upload
915 UPLSRM  Security Register Details Upload
916 UPLTAM  Term Deposits Master Upload
917 UPLTDS  TDS Upload
918 UPLTDS1  TDS upload - Phase 1
919 UPLTDS2  TDS Upload - PHASE 2
920 UPLTDT  Term Deposits Transaction Upload
921 UPLTOD  Temporary Over Draft Upload
922 UPM  User Profile Maintenance
923 UPRDNLD  Download User Details
924 URT  Un-responded Transactions Report
925 VALDTRPT  Outward Clearing Value Date Report
926 VAM  Verification Audit Maintenance
927 VCHL  Verification Check List
928 VCHR  Print DR/CR Voucher
929 VTPM  Virtual Terminal Profile Maintenance
930 WCUMM  CUMM Workflow
931 WDSAMM  Workflow for Direct Selling Agents Mnt.
932 WFORM  Work Flow For Outward Remit Maintenance
933 WIAAL  What If Analysis of Account Liability
934 WRTCTC  Change Test case
935 XFCHACAU  Transfer Cheques between Accounts
936 XFCHBAC  Transfer Cheques between Accounts
937 XOSCHRG  XOS Charge Calculation
938 XOSSTMT XOS Statement


  1. how to find fixed deposit account number using FDR receipt number

  2. i need pdf on working with finacle can any one help

  3. this information should also be made available for pdf/doc download.
    but thanks anyway.

  4. uniqe andinteresting to all the finacle users

  5. This is really nice. Your information is interesting. Thanks for sharing this article
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  6. any menu to check what i have done in my id till date ????

    reply soon.. Thanks ...

  7. can we do some thing at the branch level to close an RD account when the amount of RD exceeds its maturity value?

  8. How to find out account wise unrealized interest under NPA accounts in finacle options

  9. is it possible to find the account number by using mobile number/pan card number. there any command

    1. enter "cus" then mob no.f4
      then ctrl+e in custno. and then a details

    2. but what for enq of other branches without other details




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      CBS Manual – Finacle Menus/ Commands for your ready reference


·         Huge Collection of 938 Finacle Menus

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·         Finacle Menu options/ Commands for Bank Auditors

·         Frequently used Function keys in Finacle


      Customer ID & Account Opening related Menu Options / Commands


·         Customer ID creation and Verification in Finacle by using CUMM menu

·         Customer ID creation in finacle in short by using CUMM menu

·         Changing Customer ID of a Customer

·         Account Opening (Savings/Current) in Finacle using menu option OAAC

·         Account opening in Finacle – in short

·         Frequently asked questions related to Customer ID  and Account Opening


      Demand Draft / Pay Order related Menu Options / Commands


·         Issuing a Demand Draft using Finacle Menu options TM

·         Issuing Multiple Demand Draft / PO using Finacle menu option TM

·         Printing Demand Draft / PO using menu option DDPRNT

·         Cancellation of Demand Draft  in Finacle using menu option DDC

·         Marking a Demand Draft Lost and issuing Duplicate DD

·         Inquiry and Reports finacle Menu related to Demand Draft


      Miscellaneous Finacle Menu Options / Commands


·         Standing Instruction Maintenance using Finacle Menu Options SIM.

·         Creating a Memo Pad in Finacle Part - I.

·         Creating a Memo Pad in Finacle Part - II.

·         Deleting Memo Pad in Finacle

·         Mass Transaction Posting in Finacle using Finacle Menu option TTUM.

·         Freezing & Unfreezing of accounts in finacle using Finacle Menu AFSM

·         Passbook Printing in Finacle

·         Finacle Teller Cash account Maintenance using Finacle Menu GECM

·         Finacle Menu option TM  for Transaction Posting and Maintenance