Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finacle commands/menus for LOCKER maintenance

Dear users, you might know Banks provides Safe Deposit Locker facility which ensures safe keeping of your valuables  i.e  important documents, jewellery and other valuables.  Banks also Provides Lockers of different Sizes and they do charges accordingly annually or monthly for that. For Maintenance of Lockers being a banker and a finacle users you should know these basic commands/menus related to their maintenance.
I hope these finacle commands /menus helps you while dealing with Locker  in your Bank

  1. LKPM – Locker Placeholder Maintenance
  2. LKTRM – Locker Types and Rent Maintenance
  3. LKKM – Locker Maintenance
  4. LKCM – Locker Customer Maintenance
  5. LKCHM – Locker Transactions – History Maintenance
  6. LKRCM – Locker Rent – Change Collection Maintenance
  7. LKCPM – Locker Type Charges Maintenance
  8. LKOPS – Locker Operation Maintenance
  9. LKREPM – Locker Reports
  10. LKUPL – Locker Upload
 I will explain each of these menus with screenshots in finacle in my coming posts.



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