Saturday, November 17, 2012

Transaction Related FAQs

Many times in Finacle, we have different questions  regarding a transaction in finace following are the few FAQs which will help you surely mastering Finacle.

1.  I have wrongly posted a part transaction by pressing P and F4 but I have not yet committed/saved the transaction. How can I set it right without redoing the whole exercise?
  • Use sub-option ‘R’ in the same place where you had used ‘P’ option while posting; now press F4 (Accept key). The part transaction will come back to unverified/unposted state. 
2.   How to see who has created / modified / posted / verified and time when the transaction was posted?
  • Use TM option and in the sub-option give O-Other part-tran inquiry and press F4 to know the details
3.  When posting a transaction system gives error “Additional details not   entered”?
  • Use TM – sub-option – A – Additional details screen, enter the additional details and then post the part-tran 
4.   How to get the transaction-id of a transaction which is by mistake not noted   and also to inquire on it?
  • Use FTI and give the tran amount low and tran amount high or account-id low and account-id high.  This will give you the tran-id. Use TM-I-Inquire option to inquire the tran.


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