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Freezing/Unfreezing of Accounts using finacle command / menu option AFSM

Bank need to freeze the account for various purposes as per the freezing orders by different types of authorities. Bank itself also freeze the account of customer, if he/she would be a defaulter. In the Lien marking, we have to put the same on amount, as it is amount specific.Hence, in case of Freeze Set-up it is event specific mean we will restrict transactions i.e. debit only, credit only or total freezing.Now we will see the procedure of freezing the account:
Freezing of Account/Accounts.
Menu Option:  AFSM
Go to the menu option AFSM and enter. Then following screen will appear:
  • Enter F in the Function Field for Freezing an account & press F1,following screen will appear displaying various functions which can be performed.
  • Enter Customer_id of the customer whose account is to be frozen & press Tab
  • Enter Freeze Reason Code. Valid codes can be selected from the list, which can be seen by pressing F2 key. Press Tab.
  • Enter Freeze Code i.e.T for Total Freeze ,C for freezing Credit only and D for Debit freeze only.Press F4. System will display a list of accounts of the customer whose customer _ID has been given in the customer ID colum duly marked * in thier means system has selected all accountsof a customer.The accounts which are not to be freezed can be deselected by pressing shift+ f4. That means * prefixed can be marked as freeze.
  • Press F10 to commit.

Verification :
  • Go to the menu option AFSM and Function: V (Verify) & Press F4
  • Then Enter Customer ID No. & Press F4
  • All details of freeze will appear. Now verify it and Press F10 for commit.

  • Enter U in the Function Field and press Tab to go on to the next field.
  • Enter Customer id of account holder whose account is to be unfreeze & Press F4. System will display the screen as shown on the next page.
Like Freeze, Unfreeze also requires verification. The procedure is the same as applied in case of Freezing of account


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