Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Infosys, the Universal Banking Transformation Partner

Infosys Limited (Nasdaq: INFY) is a global consulting, software and IT services company founded in 1981. Offerings of Infosys range from business and technology consulting, system integration, products & platforms, maintenance, reengineering, IT infrastructure, and business process outsourcing. Finacle is a universal banking solution from Infosys aimed at the core banking, wealth management, CRM, Islamic banking, treasury, e-banking, and mobile banking requirements of retail, corporate, and universal banks. Infosys has more than 140,000 employees in the whole company (including subsidiaries) and more than 7,500 in the Finacle division. Infosys had revenue of $6 billion in 2011, with almost $300 million of that attributed to their core banking products.

Infosys Technologies has partnerships with a number of firms which compliment Finacle’s functionality. The following are companies currently partnering with Infosys:

  • SAS, Surya Soft: governance, risk, and compliance
  • RSA, Arcot: security authentication.SunTec: relationship-based pricing.
  • FRS Global: regulatory Reporting.
  • Customer XPS: online analytics / customer experience engagement.
  • NEWGEN: document management.
  • Comviva & Value First: mobile commerce.

Infosys also partners with various technological systems integrators like HP, IBM, and its own system integration team for large transformation projects. Infosys has partnerships with platform providers such as HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle. Finacle also has a set of “education partners” that provide IT training in India (NIIT-IFBI, APTECH, Manipal Universal learning) for Finacle trained and certified resources. As shown in Figure 18, Finacle has 195 core banking customers, spread across 74 different countries. The majority of its clients are located in Asia-Pacific region. Figure 19 shows the Finacle client breakdown by number of accounts.


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