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Finacle Commands for Managing Clearing Cheques/ Drafts/ Pay Order /Bills etc

Before going in to Clearing menus and commands lets first understand what clearing is in Banking world. let suppose ,you are a customer of a Bank say State Bank of India (SBI) and A you get a check in your name from some one else that is cheque of say Bank of India (BOI), then the process to clear the cheque and get the amount deposited in your SBI account is , you have to approach to your Branch in SBI, and SBI sent the Cheque to their Service Branch and ultimately Service Branch SBI has to claim this amount from  the Branch of Bank of India (from the Branch where the cheque was issued  which is drawee  in banking terminology) through Bank of India's Service Branch .

 and here the Clearing House comes in to the picture . in a city the clearing center or clearing house is maintained/managed by one bank and  different banks participated in it .it operates under the guidelines of the Central Bank of a country .( in india it is Reservce Bank of India).

      Bankers' clearing house is an organization that transfers money between member banks, originally to clear the above example to send instruments (cheques,demand drafts or pay order )for collection to other bank is known as Outward Clearing , so here SBI processes the Outward Clearing operation and the Drawee Bank (here BOI), who has to pay by debiting its own customer's account , is known as Inward Clearing. in example BOI processes Inward clearing Operation.

Outward Clearing finacle commands: 

    HCLZCM – Clearing Zone Code Maintenance
    MCLZOH – Maintain Clearing Zone
    OCLODGE – Outward Clearing Transaction Maintenance (ONS Mode)
    OCTM – Outward Clg Transaction Maintenance (Web Mode)
    IOCLS – Inquire On Clearing Transactions Sets
    HOIQ/OIQ – Outward Clearing Instrument Inquiry
    HOPQ – Outward Clearing Part Tran Inquiry
    HMARKPEN – Mark Pending (ONS Mode)
    MARKPEND – Mark Pending (Web Mode)
    REVPEND – Revoke Pending
    PCLSO – Print Clearing Schedule
    CTCM – Clearing Transaction Code Maintenance
    ICRCM – Inward Clearing Reject Code Maintenance

   Inward clearing finacle commands:

    HICZCM – Inward Clearing Zone Template Maintain
    MICZ – Maintain Inward Clearing Zone
    HICTM – Inward clearing Transaction Maintenance (ONS – Mode)
    ICTM – Inward Clearing Transaction Maintenance (Web Mode)


  1. Thanks a lot for providing useful commands..


  2. thank for giving valuable information about menu options...

  3. @ Admin
    grt but one u said that when a cheque comes to SBI,then it is transferred to service branch, but then what happens in clearing house....?
    whether i'm right:Service branch only do the accounting related job i.e. passing a entry for collection and
    cheque clearing job is done by clearing house..but then which branch sends the cheque to Clearing house..pls clear this confusion

    pls bring a article on concept of Debit Note receivable, payable and suspense account ,etc have lots of confusion..

    thank you..

    1. in the above example 1. the SBI branch can directly present the BOI cheque in clearing house for clearing if there is a clearing house in the locality and it participates in the clearing house.
      2.if there is no clearing house in the locality, the SBI branch can send the cheque to its service branch (through OBC). The service branch will present the cheque in clearing house and can claim collection charges from the OBC sender branch.

    2. Every bank maintains current account with the lead bank which has clearing house (a department for clearing operations only). The clearing claims are settled through the current account of the banks. for eg. suppose SBI is the lead bank and has clearing house. In the current account of BoB in SBI it is rs 40k. BoB sent rs 10k for collection (outward collection) and received rs 20k for payment (inward collection) to the clearing house. if there is no return from both collections BoB has to pay rs10k to clearing house. so sbi clearing dept will deduct 10k from BoB's current account and pay to the claiming banks. when there is inadequate balance in d current account, overdraft is given by the lead bank(here in exmpl sbi) n charge is collected for that also.

    3. please tell me this question answer An employee in the clearing department will have access only to the account opening menu. This is an example of ?

  4. I want to know if we can get the report for markpend cheques.
    Or do we have any option thru which we can do markpend directly with bank code instead of doing it zone wise.reply

  5. can we download EXpress clearing file for outward clearing zone so we don'thave to manually feed

    1. yes, after entering instrument details in finacle the outward clearing dump file can be downloaded thru d menu MMBCSO which can be imported into the express clearing software after import criteria are set in the clearing software. The import criteria can be followed from the help menu of the clearing software. For any issues mail at

  6. Can you provide guide book for finacle.
    many thanks

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  9. Hi guys i want to know detailed step by step procedure to use HMARKPEN and REVPEND in case of clearing. Kindly guide me in this regard at the earliest possible

  10. Kindly tell me how to account for cheques issued by postmaster presented at Head post office for its own account

  11. Kindly provide the menu option for creating outward clearing dumb file in finacle 10.

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