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Finacle Commands for Demand Draft

Following commands are used for Issuing/Re-issuing/Printing/Cancelling/ Inquiry/Payment Demand Draft in finacle Branches.

DEMAND DRAFT Commands/Menus:

Issuing Draft in Finacle:
For issuing Demand Draft We use TM menu and we have to enter additional detail like Purchaser Name , Demand Draft favouring, Drawee Branch (the Branch/Service Branch where the Draft has to be paid)

  1. DDPRNT – Print a DD
  2. DDREPRNT – Reprint a DD/Print advice
  3. DDII – Specific DD Issued Inquiry
  4. DDIC – DD Credits Inquiry
  5. DDID – DD Debits Inquiry
  6. HDDMI/DDMI – Demand Draft Mass Issue
  7. DDD – Issue of Duplicate DD
  8. DDLOST – Entry of Reported Lost
  9. DDC – DD Cancellation
  10. HDDMP/CDDMP – Demand Draft Mass Payment
  11. DDIP – Specific DD Paid Inquiry
  12. DDSM – DD Status Maintenance

Demand Draft/Pay-Slip Related FAQs

1.      I try to print a DD, it says “inventory not in user location”.
  • Please use option IMC in consultation with your officer to get the inventory moved to your location within the system.
 2.      I cannot issue a particular cheque book or DD book that is physically available with me but I do not know within the system this inventory is at which location or in which user’s location?
  • Use ISIA option and specify the inventory number available with you. The output will tell you the name of the location where the inventory is captured within the system.
3.      How to issue a duplicate DD?
  • Use DDLOST option to mark the DD status as L-Lost and do DDD to Issue a duplicate DD and use DDREPRNT to print the same.
 4.      How to cancel a DD which is not printed, but transaction has been posted?
  • Use DDC option and give the tran-date / tran-id / DD credit part-tran-srl-num.
 5.     How to pass entry to DD account without creating a DD for printing, i.e. rectification entries to DD account?
  • Use DDT option
 6.      How to find the AOD number for a AOD printed on given date?
  • Use HOCIP and give the follow inputs and get the report-Ho.Tran Type as – O – Originating,  Give bank / branch code and Tran date range.


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  2. Please provide solution While cancelling dd message shows" non payment order received, status flag is 'n'"

    1. If cancle dd in DDC u can select chargess falg should be N and proceed the same...and take chargess manually at ur end.

  3. After 3 months how can extend DD value.

    1. Use menu option is DDSM function as M entr, DD issueing br code & DD no issue date and change DDREVALIDATION date

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  5. How to destroy a particular dd ..whats d menu option for this


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