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Finacle menu/command to print Pass Book

The operator in a Bank frequently uses this command /menu for passbook printing . before getting in to Passbook printing lets have some requisites for passbook  printing. i hope this post will be very useful to all readers.
 Finacle Menu/Command  option

(Pass Book Print) Pr-requisites – 
 1. Printer driver must have been installed on the PC which would be used for Passbook printing.
2. Printer has to be made as ‘Default Printer’.
3. ILINKWEB software has to be started before starting passbook printing and kept running in the background.
4. Account for which passbook is to be printed must be enabled for passbook, otherwise system will raise error ‘This customer is not a Pass Book Holder’.

To enable account for passbook, use menu option ACM,function-M (Modify), enter a/c no., press F4, enter 0 (zero) in enter option field, press F4, press F6, enter P (Passbook) or B (Both P & S) in passbook/statement field, press F4, press F10. Get the account verified by another user.

Case 1-> If the passbook is being printed first time.
If the passbook is being printed for the first time for an account, the system will display fields similar to screen as shown below  . Please insert the passbook in the document printer with first page facing up side. 
 Menu/command  option PBP.

1. A/c No – Enter A/c no of which passbook is to be printed.
2. Press F4. All the field will be activated by the system.
3. Press F4.
4. Press F10. Please wait until the progress indicator turns back to green.
5. After the printing is over, system will activate the ‘Print OK’ field with cursor blinking in it. If the printing is OK, enter Y in this field and press F4.
6. Please take out the passbook from the document printer, check whether the details of the customer a/c are printed properly. Turn the passbook to the next page, insert it again in the document printer, the system will print on the left-top side of the page. Take out the passbook from document printer

Case 2-> If the transaction are to be printed for the first time.
Menu option -

Please insert the passbook in the document printer with page (on which transactions need to be printed) facing up side. 
Menu option : PBP 
1. Enter A/c no. Press F4 twice. The user can see that the fields are activated.
2. New Passbook – Default is Y. Make this field N, otherwise the system will again print the customer a/c details.
3. Start Line No. and Start Page No. are default 1 which means that the transaction will be printed from page 1 and line 1 onwards.
4. Passbook Srl. No. – System displays this field as 1, which means that this is the 1st passbook.
5. A/c Balance – System displays it as 0 (zero), which means that no transaction is yet printed on the passbook. Please don’t get confused with this field with the actual balance in the a/c. As described, this is the last balance printed on the passbook.
6. Press F4 to continue. Press F10 to print transactions on the passbook.The transaction will be printed on the passbook. Wait until the cursor appears in ‘Print OK’ field. Enter Y in this field and press F4, if the transactions are printed properly.

finacle passbook printing
7. If the number of transactions to be printed on passbook exceed 29,system will display a message ‘More transactions to be printed,please turn the PB page and press <Commit>
.8. The user can see that the A/c balance on PBP screen is updated by the last balance on the passbook. Please take out the passbook from the document printer, turn the page and insert it again. Press F10. Follow the process until all the transactions are printed on the passbook.

Case 3 -> How to issue duplicate passbook
Assume that in A/c 019322, all the transactions have already been printed on the passbook. To issue duplicate passbook, invoke menu option PBP

1. Follow the steps as described in Case 1 of passbook printing topic. This process will print 1st page i.e. a/c details.
2. To print transactions on passbook from the beginning, invoke PBP again.Enter A/c No. Press F4 twice. Keep on pressing until the cursor comes on‘Transactions printed in Passbook upto’ dummy field. Press Control+E(Explode). Press F10. Follow the steps as described in Case 2 of Passbook printing topic.

J. How to print Statement of Account for an account -
For regular statement printing, customer’s account need to be enabled for statement. Please refer to pass book printing section point (d) for enabling the account for statement.
Adhoc or regular statements can be generated for accounts. System will not charge automatically for adhoc statements.


  1. How to print a passbook from specific date if printing is done previously but it was not printed properly on the passbook & every time during passbook printing a message of "passbook is already updated" is showing...

    1. Press F2 and select the date wanted from which you want to print but do not press ctrl + E as it will take prints -ve balance

  2. you can go to the date at the last line and then change the date from where you want to make print. After entering the date press F2 button, you can got the entry of the date you selected. Now after selecting the entry press shift+F4 and then F4, F10

  3. Check the last proper entry in passbook. mate mental note of date and amount. press f4 go to line consisting date. press ctrl+E . you will be given lot of transactions. go to desire page by pressing ctrl+D.
    When that entery comes go to that entry by down arrow. press shift+f4.
    check and if needed change line no to print
    press f4 and f10

  4. how to modify details page (1st page) settings

  5. how to change the font and size of the letters in the passbook.

  6. My printer is ok but when i give order for day book then its shows that "i link 0 & connetion failed"
    and not print what can i do plz solve the problem

  7. wat is the means start page no to print
    when i print they show 0,1,2

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  9. My printer is ok but when i give order for day book then its shows that "i link 0 & connetion failed"
    and not print what can i do plz solve the problem

    1. it means "i link" is not running.........first start "i link" on on your computer and then retry.

  10. Hello, Can you help me understand from where ilinkweb application is getting the hostname or IPaddress.

    We are using IP virtualization and ilinkweb doesnt understand this.

    Any idea

  11. In sbm... While entering transaction oly they r entering passbook at a same time... Is der any option lik tat in finacle

  12. Can you tell me how bulk next can be made in finance menu

  13. Can you tell me how bulk neft can be made in finance menu

  14. is the system's logic to calculate compounded interest even when the compounding flag is N both at account and scheme level when there is an interest recalculation due to limit change for an ODA?.

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  17. when text page is given it is printing,from finacle passbook is printing it is showing "failed to print on local printer"

  18. Epson Plq 20 printer not working with finacle. How to setup for finacle

  19. Epson Plq 20 printer not working with finacle. How to setup for finacle

  20. How to print PPF account passbook???

  21. How to print PPF account passbook???

  22. How to print passbook in finacle plz


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