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Get familiar with Finacle Menus/ Commands and Favorites

 Being new to the finacle environment you must have queries related to use of the menu options in finacle and how these commands executes and for i present this post and hope this will surely help from novice to experienced banker
Once the user successfully logs into Finacle, he/she shall get list of finacle menus as per the type of user, e.g. if the user logs into finacle as DBA, he/she may get different list of menus than a general user. lets have a look at the first screen after login , that shows list of menu options available to General User.

Left hand side window consists of list of menu options.  Menu options are grouped as per their use/purpose. E.g. menu options required for remittances are grouped under Remittances Menu. User can click left button of mouse on+ sign appearing on left hand side of menu to expand it further. User shall get list of menu options as shown in screen . E.g. If user click on + sign of Customer Accounts Menu, he/she may get a list of sub menus (having + sign on left hand side, e.g. Authorization Menu, Accounts Maintenance Menu etc.)and also list of actual menu options (having short name of menu option in square brackets e.g. Interest Table Maintenance [INTTM] etc)

 •  User can click on + sign appearing on left side of sub menu to furtherexpand it.
user can double click on actual menu option (indicated with name of menu option in square bracket) to open it.
User can group frequently used menu (by him) options on right hand side windowcalled as favorites. Steps to create favorites – E.g. Steps to create favorite for Interest Table Maintenance [INTTM]
• Click mouse on finacle menu option ‘Interest Table Maintenance [INTTM].
• Press Control+C
• Click mouse on Favorites (right hand side window)
• Press Control+V Steps to remove menu/menu options from favorites –
•Click mouse on menu/menu option which is to be removed
• Press Control+X


There are two ways to get into a menu option.
1. In the list of menu options or from favorites, find out the menu option to be executed and double click on it.
2. Or write the short name of the menu option in the field provided at left-bottom side of the screen with the heading ‘Menu option’ and press Enter Key.

Progress indicator uses three different colors to indicate status of operation.
 • Green – System is ready i.e. control is currently with the browser. User can operate the system.
Yellow – Browser is performing internal processing like assembling/painting screen as per requirement. User should not operate the system.
Red –  Browser is communicating with the server. i.e. browser is sending/receiving data from server. User should not operate the system.

Every action button has a specific purpose. E.g. If user clicks mouse on WhoAmI button, system will display user_id of the user who is currently logged in & other information like date, name of SOL in a rectangular box.Use of these action buttons shall be discussed later in this chapter.
In finacle, if user needs any help in entering data in a field, he shall bring thecursor in that field and press F1 key, the system may display purpose of thatfield on this message/help bar. As also, at various stages system may displaymessages like ‘Operation Successful’, ‘Record Verified’ etc on this messagebar as and when required.
As and when Data Centre wishes to give instructions or guidelines to all theSOLs, it may communicate the same through this area. The message willkeep scrolling from right to left. There are three buttons provided on right sideof this bar – 

•Left button – Click on this button to Fast Forward the message.
•Middle button – Click on this to stop message from scrolling.
•Right button – Click on this button to Fast Rewind the message.


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