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Finacle Commands for Auditors in Bank

Auditors are often review the available reports in the CBS software of the bank branch.They audit through the audit menu and/or with the help of the bank officials. The following list of finacle commands is  only for guidance may little bit vary from Bank to Bank. 
(i) Interest Report for Accounts :  AINTRPT
(ii) Loan Interest Details Inquiry : AITINQ
(iii) Abnormal Transaction Inquiry : ATI
(iv) Bills Inquiry : BI
(v) Rate List History Query : RTHQRY
(vi) Standing Instructions Inquiry : SII
(vii) TDS Inquiry & Printing : TDSIP
(viii) Transactions Exceptions Inquiry : TEI
(ix) Customer Unutilised Limit Inquiry : CULI
(x) Charges Income Report: CHGIR
(xi) Exceptions Report : EXCPRPT
(xii) Report for Matured OD/FD Accounts : ODFDREP
(xiii) Loans Overdue Position Inquiry : LAOPI
(xiv) Loans Repayment Schedule Report : LARSH
(xv) PCFC Balancing Report : PCFCBAL
(xvi) Pending Installments List : PLIST
(xvii) BG Margin Printing : BGMARGIN 

Above referred menus will help in generating the respective reports directly.Besides above certain menus used for verification account wise in system directly as below:
1. ACLI (Account Ledger Inquiry):This function helps to verify the ledger of customers for a given period.
2. ACI (Account Inquiry):
(xviii) Account TOD Inquiry : ACTODI
(xix) Accounts Turnover Report : ATOR
(xx) Insurance Expired Yesterday : INSEXPD
(xxi)Loan Overdue Details : LOANODUE
(xxii)List of Pending and Dishonored Bills : FBPADB
(xxiii)Overdue Foreign Bills : ODFB
(xxiv)Guarantees Expired but not Reversed :  GENR
(xxv)Guarantees Invoked or not Paid : GIPNP
(xxvi)Guarantees Issued Cum Liability Register : GILR
(xxvii)Loan Sanction Limit Review :  LAROR
(xxviii)Insurance Expiry List : INSTOEXP
(xxix)Loan document expiry date :INQLAC
(xxx)Change in sanction limit : CHLMT
(xxxi)Non submitted stock statement : STKSTMT/SRM
(xxxii)Loan account Master report : LAMP

This function helps in verifying master data of particular account e.g. in a particular loan account we can verify its Repayment schedule, EMIs, Rate of interest, Overdue Principals, Asset Classification, etc.
 This function is very useful for verification of Loan & Advances. Auditors should invariably verify the data entered in particular account the sanctioned terms even if a single parameter entered incorrectly by Bank, the end report generated will always give wrong information.
 3. LAOPI (Loans & Advances Overdue Position Inquiry):
In the ACI function mentioned above, it gives overdue position in respect of principal
amount only. With the help of LAOPI we can verify Principal as well as Interest
Overdue for a given account.


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  4. can u explain the procedurre of rtgs/neft in my mail id with pdf file....


  5. how to print all debit and credit part detail of a single transaction in finacle

    1. Use VHCR menu---then give the date---- then put the tran id-------f4-----foreground F----- print advice N-----then press F10. after this you go to PR menu----- then see that tran downloaded report----- the give CTRL+E...... it will take you to the printing section..... there you set the printing parameters----- then----- P---- then F10.
      but for this let ilink should be always open.
      ALL the best

  6. how to print all office account credit / debit details between given dates?

  7. can somebody tell me how to post any cash transaction even after day end process is over if cash is not tallied????? some process is der i was thought in training but i forgot can somebody explain frnzzz

  8. F1 report generates excess report .It picks up the excess as given in ACTODM menu. It does not give the true picture since from what date the excess(in case of limits account) or TOD starts.Is there any report which gives the dtae from which the excess or TOD starts.

    Frequently we need to know month wise loan/advances granted by a branch in the category of MSME/Agl/Retail/others. Which menu gives details ?

  9. tell me the proces of bill purchase (BP) in finacle
    step by step

    1. in B M menu option P then enter Bill no f4
      then it will show transactions check the a/c no
      then option `A` f4
      note down dc no

    2. NPA report which t- code finacle

  10. can any1 tell me hw to generate form 15h in finacle (exact procedure)..????

  11. Thanks for sharing sir. What about sbi and allhabad banks. They r not using fonacle. Can u help us plz.

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  13. How to get report of list of accounts due for review / renewal ? Please help


  14. which command help to raise power of user.when officer is on leave any clerk is use his power ,which is officiating which command is use for giving officiatlng

  15. ex: kcc case- sanctioned on 31/3/2017, disbursed on 1/4/2017 , expire date- 31/3/2018. suppose a customer zerorise his limit account with interest on 31/06/2018 and ask for renewal in aclhm menu what shd we do?
    1) shd we consider his next year from 31/3/2018 to 31/03/2019 or 31/06/2108 to 31/06/2019...please explain this in detail ...

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