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Finacle Common FAQ -2 for Promotion process in Bank

This is continuation of part -2 pf Finacle FAQ Series .

37) Can I put through a transaction between two customer accounts across two SOLs?
Yes. It is possible to put through a transaction between two customer accounts across two SOLs, provided the user is a "Free User" and the menu invoked is also"Free".

38) I am a user in Bangalore Branch. I want to put through a transaction debiting a customer's account at Mumbai Main branch and crediting another customer's account at Chennai. Is it possible?
Yes. It is possible to post the transaction if the user is "free" and the menu invoke also "free"

39) I have to put through around 500 transactions crediting various SB accounts across various SOLs( Let say Salary account Credit of an Organisation)  How can I do this?
The user can either post the transactions by uploading through floppy in the menu TTUM. It requires the file to be in a format in EXCEL and final upload file need to be in txt format, for this you can contact your IT department or Data center .The transactions will be in entered status or posted status based on the choice made by the user at the time of upload. The transactions can also be uploaded on ‘trial‘ basis. The transactions encountering any exceptions or errors will not be uploaded. All the scheme level and account level validations will be done by the system. The system will give a report of successful and unsuccessful transactions.The user can also invoke the menu BTP to post all the part trans in one shot. The user should invoke this menu with caution since he will not be in a position to view all the part trans before committing to post. The system will automatically generate a report giving all the part tran details.

40) I want to delete a part tran in a particular set. How can I delete?
The user will have to invoke TM menu, give the transaction serial number and "D" inthe "Option" field. The system will delete the particular part tran provided it is still in"entered" status.

41) I have "posted" a transaction in a wrong account. Can I cancel the same?
When the transaction is in "P - Posted" stage, the data base is updated. Hence deletion and/or modification is not allowed.But if the user chooses, he can reverse the posted transaction through the menu HCRT. This facility is available for the scheme types SBA, CAA, CCA and ODA only.For any reason, if the system does not allow the reversal, the user has to pass the vouchers manually through the menu TM and invoke HCRT for marking the transaction as reversed.In case of transactions pertaining to office accounts, there is a facility to delete even the posted transactions.The deletion can be part tran by part tran and the entire set cannot be deleted atone go even if the entire set pertains to office accounts.The deletion can be in respect of only current day’s transactions.If the office account is a Head Office Account then the transaction cannot be deleted.This deletion of transactions can be done through the menu TD.

42) I want to delete the full transaction set. How can I delete?
The user will have to invoke TM menu and give "D" in the "Function" field and the transaction serial number. The system will delete the entire set provided it is still in"entered" status

43) I have "entered" a transaction in a wrong account. Can I cancel the same?
When the transaction is in "E – Enter" stage, then only deletion or modification is allowed.

44) A transaction has been posted in a wrong account and it is also verified.Can I cancel the same?
No. The transaction cannot be cancelled.But a posted transaction can be reversed using the menu HCRT.If for any reason reversal is not possible then the user will have to use TM menu and pass the reversal vouchers manually and then mark the original transaction as reversed through the menu HCRT.

45) I have put through a transaction some time back. Now I require modifying the particulars of that transaction. Is it possible?
The user can change the remarks of any transaction, even back dated, if he wants to. The user will have to invoke the menu TD and go for modification mode. The user will be able to change the particulars, remarks, etc of the transaction.
46) In an account there is some amount on which lien is marked. While posting a transaction I find that the balance is insufficient and I want to release the lien so that I can complete the transaction. How do I release the lien on the earmarked amount?

To release the lien on earmarked amount the user can give "W" in the "Option" field in the menu TM and press F4. The user can release the lien marked in the account in case of insufficient balance.The release of lien can be for a part amount also.The availability of the option depends on the work class.

47) I have debited the customer's account for charges and I have to send an advice to him. How can I print the advice?
The user can print the transaction advice through the menu HADVC/ADVC.

48) I want to inquire into the transactions that are reversed. Where can I get this?
The user can inquire into the transactions that are reversed through the menu HFTI/FTI.
49) What is type/sub type I should use while transferring cash from vault to teller or from one teller to another?

C/CT – Type/subtype is used for Cash Transfer for internal transfer of cash, like fromthe vault to different tellers and vice versa

50) What are the valid sub types for a transfer transaction?
The valid sub types for a transfer transaction are as below:
IP – Interest Paid
SI – Standing Instruction 
BS – Bank Induced 
SISC – Service Charge 
CI – Customer Induced
BI – Bank Induced 
AR – Account Revaluation
BT – Back Office Transaction 
EO – ECS Outward Transaction
EI – ECS Inward Transaction

51) I want to do a transfer transaction in an account. How do I proceed?
The user has to post the transfer transaction through the menu TM or HXFER.In respect of transfer transaction, the user has to enter both debit and credit transactions and also has to ensure that the set is balanced.Posting of a transaction is not possible until the debit amount and credit amount is matched.

52) How do I know whether a transfer set is balanced or not?
In the menu TM, the user will have to give U in the "Option" field and press F4 to view the transaction and to know whether the transfer set is balanced or not.The view displays only the consolidated debit and credit amount and individual transaction details are not given.To get the individual transaction list, the user will have to give "L" in the "Option"field in the menu TM.

53) I have posted a transfer set. Now I find that one part tran is wronglyposted. How can I rectify this?
A posted transaction cannot be cancelled / deleted but it can be reversed using themenu HCRT. One part tran in a transfer set can also be reversed through this menu.If for any reason reversal is not possible then the user will have to use TM menu andpass the reversal vouchers manually and then mark the original transaction as reversed through the menu HCRT.

54) While entering a transfer set I want to commit the unfinished set and come out of the menu. Is it possible?
A transaction can be committed even if the set is not balanced, i.e., unfinished sol ong as the user is only entering the set and not trying to post it.

55) I have posted a cheque in a customer account. Later I had reversed the transaction. What will happen to the status of this particular cheque?

When the user reverses a transaction through the menu HCRT, the system will automatically change the status of the cheque from "Paid" to "Unused". If, at the time of reversal of transaction through HCRT, the system does not update the status of the cheque, it will display appropriate message. The user will have to invoke the menu UCS and modify the status of the cheque.

56) I have received a court order for freezing the payments in a particular customer account. How can I ensure this?

Please invoke the menu AFSM and give "F" in the "Function" field. This option allows you to freeze or unfreeze all accounts of a customer, change the freeze reason code and the freeze code of accounts that have already been frozen using this option.If the user wants to freeze at the customer level, user will have to give the customer id and if he wants to freeze only one or few accounts of a customer, he will have to give the account id.All the accounts under the selected customer ID will be displayed and you can select/Deselect the accounts by pressing Down Arrow key + Shift F4. This will require verification by another user using function V in AFSM.

57) I was moving an inventory from one location to another location. The record is created but it is in entered stage. I do not remember the record number that was shown to me after entering the record. How to get that number so that it can be verified.

Use option IMR and the filtering criteria ‘E’ to find the inventory movement records that have been “Entered but not verified”.

59) Through which menu can I inquire into the transactions in a pointing type office account?(Suspense account, Sundry deposits etc.) 

The user can inquire into the transactions in a pointing type office account through the menu HIOT.

60) Should the transactions routed through inter-SOL office accounts require being reconciled?

When transactions take place between SOLs, the cashbook of the particular SOL cannot be balanced unless the transactions between the SOLs are reconciled. The branch that initiates a transaction between service outlets is called the initiating SOL and the other service outlet/s are called participating SOLs. One of the participant SOLs or a third SOL can initiate transactions. In case the initiating SOL is also a participating SOL, the reconciliation is a simple reverse transaction between the two SOLs. In case the initiating SOL is a third SOL, reconciliation is between the initiating SOL and both the participating SOLs.

61) Which menu option should be used to know total deposit for a customer?
User menu option ACMP

62) What is the menu option for interest certificate for the deposit customer?
Use menu option INTCERT.

63) Wrong entries done in outward clearing are in verified status. How to rectify this?
Open a new zone with similar latency period. Transfer this particular set to the new zone using menu option TROFSETS. Delete the entry from the new zone. Enter proper records in the correct zone.
64) How we can get the list for the teller a/c which are assigned in our branch.
Use GECM menu option. In function List give the sol id & then press F4. System will generate the list

65) How to check if a DD is printed or not?

Use menu option DDPALL Give the date. System will list all the un printed DD’s for the date.Generate HODD statement where from one can view whether DD number is appearing against all entries. 

66) How to split the cheque book inventory?
Use menu option ISI with function S- Split. Press F4. System will generate the list of inventory available at employee’s location. Select the inventory you want to split by pressing SHIFT + F4. Specify no. Items per unit and no. units and save by pressing F10.

67) I want to know the cheque no. for which stop payment is entered but not verified. ?
Use menu option AFI, give the account no and authorised flag as N. System will give the unauthorised record with respect to the account . you will come to know the chequeno from the given list.
68) I am not able to verify the standing instruction through the menu option SIM.
Go to SIM menu option. Visit the debit & credit part transactions by putting down & up arrow key and save the record by pressing F10.

69) Transaction maintenance is giving the warning as memo pad exists. ?
While working in TM menu option, when you are getting this warning, press CTRL +F9 and see the details why the memo pad is created

70) How to find when a particular day's outward clearing was released/regularised.
In MCLZOH menu option transaction ID is created that gives date of the transaction when the clearing is released. To find the date of regularization, press CTRL + E.That gives the date of transaction modification which is the date of regularization. Moreover, in MCLZOH, the status of the zone is also displayed. Viz. zone is released to shadow / Zone is closed etc

71) How to change the authoriser ID for the inventory location DL/DL?
Use menu option IMAUM to change the authoriser ID
72) How to reverse a proxy transaction?
Use menu option SPTM, Function R – Reverse. Select the transaction with SHIFT +F4 when you get the list of outstanding transactions. Do the changes as per your requirement in the reversal details and save using F10 key. Verify the transaction created.

73) How to view and modify SI for an account.
Use menu option SII. Enter the related account no and press F4. System will give alist of all standing instructions for the account. For account modification, use HSSIM/SIM.

74) Is there any report available where we can have the details regarding name of the customer, term deposit receipt no., and tax deducted amount(TDS details)?
Use menu option TDSIP/ HTDSIP.

75) I want to reprint the passbook entries that are already printed.
Use PBP menu option. In the date field, press CTRL + E key and press F2. Now select the specific transaction from the list. Change the new pass book field as N, specify the line number and press F4.

76) How to destroy the inventory like DD,Banker’s Cheque etc?
User menu option IMC. Give the location as DL to DL and give the details of the inventory to be destroyed.
77) How to upload the transactions from a floppy?
Copy the text file into C:\finacleupload folder. Use menu option TTUM for uploading the transactions in finacle.

78) How to find out accounts opened and closed during a specific period?
Use menu option ACS, enter the required data, and give open date low and high toget the periodical list. Similarly you can use the fields closed date low and high.

79) How to change the status of the account from dormant to other?
Use menu option ACM, function modify, sub-option S- Scheme details, 2nd
page.Change the status and save the record. Verify the modifications done


  1. Sir,
    i have tried to invoke menu TD to change the remarks of a transaction but unable to do so. It says "not valid for user application". Kindly suggest wht should i do.

  2. please upgrade your user profile through UPM menu

  3. Can destroyed inventory be again entered in the system??

  4. Can destroyed inventory be again entered in the system??

  5. sir please provide detail about opening education loan viz 2 cases one
    person want to deposit interest part within moratorium period and
    2ndly his repayment for interest will start after completion of
    principal repayment.



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