Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Changing Customer ID of a Customer (CCA) in Finacle

We have already discussed creation of Customer _ID in Finacle by using CUMM Menu. lets discuss how you can change the customer ID of a Customer if customer has multiple Customer ID in multiple accounts as  during  migration,  system  allots  different  cust_ids  to  different  accounts  of  the same customer. Post migration, it may be necessary to change customer id of such accounts to make it accounts of single cut_id.

Menu option – CCA (Change Customer Id of Account)

Following Screen shows various field in this menu option.

1.  Function – M (Modify)
2.  A/c No. – Enter Account number of which cust_id need to be changed.
Press  F4.  System  will  display  the  cust_id  of  the  account  entered,  with
cursor blinking in cust_id field.
3.  Customer id – Change the customer id. Press F10 to commit.

Change in cust_id using this menu option need to be verified by other authorised
user through same menu option i.e. CCA.


  1. You need to explain when this menu is to be used and what are the complications in misusing the menu.

  2. A and B are using internet banking facility.were in A in his account can see the account statement of B's Account and B can see the Account statement of A's account.were in both are not joint account holders or not associated with any welfare society.

    so my question is
    how to get rid of such problem through there any menu present in finacle to help them.

  3. thanks a lot i was searching it for so many days for clubbing multiple customer id at our branch

  4. there is a option of account name change which remains disable in actual n value is n


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