Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creating Memo Pad in Finacle, Memo Pad Part - 2

When we come across memo pad the first question arises whats it and how to create our own memo pad for any caution . lets discuss the way to create and delete a Memo Pad.

On receiving any message or a caution which we want should be shown while we are operating the account. The user shall press Ctrl + F9 generally on any invoking any menu option except report generating menu options by pressing Control + F9.

1.  System shall activate memo pad lookup screen.

2.  Function   –   A   (Add).   Press   F4.   System   shall   activate   Memo   Pad
Maintenance menu.

3.  Topic         :  Enter appropriate text message of memo pad.
4.  Function : Enter the function code during which the memo pad exception should be raised by the system. User can press F2 and select appropriate code by pressing Shift+F4. If the user wants that the system should raise memo pad exception during all kind of transactions, then he shall enter/select FT (Financial Transaction) in this field.
5.  Intent          : Enter  the  purpose  of  memo  pad.  User  can  select intent code from the list by pressing F2 and then pressing Shift + F4.  If the memo  pad  exception  is  to  be  raised  by  the  system  during  all  kind  of transactions (like cash, clearing & transfer), user shall enter G (General Transaction Alert) in this field.
6.  Security  : This field has four possible values –

Type             of
When  memo  pad  exception
Who   can   delete/modify
memo pad?
O (Private)
Only   when   the   same   user
does   operations   on   A/c   on
which   memo   pad   is   being
Same user and DBA
P (Public)
Any  user  of  any  of  the  CBS
branches  does  operations  on
Any user
Any  user  of  any  of  the  CBS
branches  does  operations  on
Same user and DBA
Y (System)
Any  user  of  any  of  the  CBS
branches  does  operations  on

System does not allow the user to enter security as Y (System), as this is
reserved for system created memo pad.

7.  A/c No. : Enter  the  A/c  No.  on  which  this  memo  pad  entry  is being  created.  If  the  user  forgets  to  enter  account  No.,  the  whole exercise will go waste.
8.  User can enter other details, as the case may be.
9.  After entering the details, press F4.
10. The cursor will appear on ‘Enter Memo Text’ field. Here appropriate text message of memo pad can be entered.
11. Press F10 to commit. 

Note : * No verification is required for memo pad creation.


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