Monday, February 4, 2013

Suspending a Customer ID in finacle by using Finacle Menu CUMM

Dear Readers, we have already discussed the procedure of Creating a Customer ID which is required for account opening in Finacle. and If required we can suspend a Customer ID as result it will not allow for opening accounts further using the same

The suspended customer’s existing accounts  will  continue  to  be  operated  upon  but  new  account  using  the  same customer_id   can   not   be   opened   during   the  currency   of   his   customer_id Suspension.  However, the suspended customer_id can be unsuspended again.

The suspension of a customer and its verification can take place through menu option CUMM.

A  customer  can  be  suspended  by  entering  D  in  the  Function   and Customer_id, which is to be suspended, followed by pressing of F4 twice and then F10 for Commit; the same is required to be verified by the other user. 

The verification  can  be  done  through  menu  option  CUMM,  by  entering  V  in  the function  block  and  after  entering  Customer_id,  which  has  been  marked  as suspended, by pressing F4 twice and then F10, for Commit, the verification of a suspended customer is complete.

To  unsuspend  a  customer  the  procedure  is  exactly  the  same  (as  described above) except entering U (for unsuspend) in place of D above in the Function field of CUMM menu option.   The rest of the procedure is the same.   This also requires verification.


  1. can u make this for 2 or more than 2 custids?

  2. Thanks for your Query .

    In Finacle , the Practice is to open the SB/CD/ Loan acounts of a customer using a single CUSTID hence you can suspend one CUSTID .

    Else if you can Suspend if Customer has Multiple CUST IDs.

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