Monday, December 17, 2012

Memo Pad Look Up and Maintenance in Finacle , Part - I

Memo  pad  is  an  entry  whereby we  can  store  an  information  of  the  account
holder or a message which we want to be popped up at the time of operation in
the account.

There are two types of memo pads in Finacle –

System generated
User created


Where system on its own creates a memo pad entry. For example –

When any modification is done in CUMM, but not verified, then until the verification of CUMM is done, system shall raise an exception ‘Memo Pad Exist’ whenever account of the customer is accessed in TM or any other menu option. Once the modification in CUMM is verified / cancelled, system shall automatically remove memo pad entry.

Same is the case, when any modification is done in account using menu option ACM, but not verified.   Say there is a change in the Mode of Operation in the account but the same is pending for verification, so long the verification in the account is not done the system will continue to show the  Memo  Pad  in  order  to  remind  that  some  thing  is  pending  in  the account.  Basically, Memo Pad is a message or like a caution which used
to write in red ink on the top of the ledger page that whenever there is an operation in the account or otherwise also the system should show us that message or caution.

To make the user aware / caution about such modifications done but not verified  or  storing  a  message  which  we  want  should  be  shown  system creates a memo pad entry.

NOTE : Please  note  that  the  system  created  memo  pad  can  not  be  deleted. System shall automatically remove memo pad entry once the modifications done is either verified or cancelled.

See in the following screen the spelling of name in the customer master has  been  changed.Now  during  operation  in  the  account,  the  system shows Memo pad Exists.  That means we should inquire as to what is this before posting of the transaction.


If a user wants to provide additional information about a particular customer / account, like documentation incomplete or any such information / irregularity, he can create a memo pad entry in the system on the account. System shall raise an exception ‘Memo Pad Exist’, whenever the account is accessed at any of the CBS branches. Please refer to ‘Adding a Memo Pad Entry’ topic for further details.


As discussed earlier, if the system raises an exception ‘Memo Pad Exist’ and
if  the  user  wants  to  see  the  details  of  memo  pad  entry,  he  shall  follow
following steps -

1.  The system shall display exception as shown in following screen

2.  User  shall  press  Control+F9  to  see  memo  pad  details.  System  shall display Memo Pad details. 

3.  Function – I (inquire). Press F4.

4.  A/c No. – Enter the A/c No. of which user wishes to inquire memo pad
entry.  Press  F4.  System  shall  display  list  of  memo  pads  like  the  one
shown in following screen.

5.  User can press Control+E (Explode) on the memo pad entry to further
see  the  details.  System  shall  display  details  of  memo  pad  like  the  one
shown in following screen.
6.  From the topic and memo pad text, user can analyze the reason of memo
pad. If the value against the field Security is Y (System), then that means
it is a system generated memo pad.
7.  If the user wants to know what modifications are done in the customer /
account  details,  he  can  press  Control+E  (Explode)  on  Audit  Ref.  No.
field.   System   shall   display   table   and   key   values.   User   can   press
Control+E   (Explode)   on   the   record   to   further   see   the   details   of
modifications. System shall display the details of modifications like the one
shown in following screens.

8.  After  analyzing  the  details  of  memo  pad,  user  can  press  F3’ s  until  the
system comes back to the exception list. 
9.  If the user wants to accept the exception, he can do so by pressing
F4; else, he can press F3 to quit.


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