Friday, December 14, 2012

Cancellation of Demand Draft – Finacle Menu option ‘DDC’

We are presenting the DD/ PO module of finacle this week , and in this process let us see how we can cancel a issued Draft. 

A draft, which has been issued, can be cancelled only after it has been printed. Further, it can be cancelled only by the issuing sol and not by any other sol within
data centre.

1.  Type ‘DDC’ at finacle user menu option block and press <enter>.

2.  Type ‘C’ to cancel at the function block and press F4.

3.  Enter DD number, date of issue, tran type (cash or transfer) and put ‘Y’ in
create service charge tran field and press F4.

4.  If there are more than on DD’s meeting the above criteria, system displays the message “More than one DD exists, enter tran id”. User then has to enter tran id and press F4 again (tran id means the id of the transaction by which the DD was originally issued. If tran id is not known, the same can be inquired using FTI menu and specifying instrument type as ‘DD’, date of issue of DD, tran type cash or transfer and amount of DD).

5.  The system displays the particulars of the draft. If the draft was issued by debiting the customer’s a/c, system also displays the customer a/c number if tran type above is selected as ‘T’ (for transfer). Press F4. You are now in the remarks column.
6.  Enter suitable remarks and press F10.

7.  System displays message “DD has been cancelled successfully. Tran ids
are “_”. Note down the tran id and post the same through TM menu.The transactions can also be posted through menu option DDC function code as P and enter the tran Id of the first pressing F4 and F10 keys the system posts both the transactions.


  1. While creating id in DDC menu, if create service charge as 'Y',it will cause as fatal error, why so?


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